Santikos Legacy Lager

Santikos Entertainment and Freetail Brewing have teamed up to create the best-tasting beer in San Antonio, the "Legacy Lager."  Available at all Santikos locations | $6 pint | $7 Tall

woman pouring draft beer on tap legacy lager freetail santikos

Beer that gives back

When you purchase a Legacy Lager, like every purchase at Santikos, 100% of our profit goes back into the community. Like the great legacy John Santikos left, Freetail Brewery's history is no stranger to providing a great experience.  

About the brew

A Munich brewmaster developed the recipe for Legacy Lager in 1895. This German Helles Lager came about due to necessity. This Czech town of Plzen had introduced a new, extremely pale lager with a huge, heady hop aroma without excess bitterness; this was thanks to their very soft water! That beer still rules the world today as "Pilsner." Pilsner is the go-to brew across most cultures around the globe. That Munich Germany brewmaster's legacy, brewing with water similar to our very own aquifer, struck a delicate balance of silky, light malt flavor and herbal hop nuance to create a refreshing and rewarding beer.  

Although traditional, Legacy Lager is no typical pale lager. Legacy Lager comes fresh from the heart of San Antonio and celebrates Freetail's own long brewing heritage. Legacy Lager is brewed with German Pilsner and Munich Malts, a combination of American and German Hops, and Edwards Aquifer water, and then lagered for at least 60 days to make the incredible flavor that will have you ordering another round.  

Legacy Lager pairs well with popcorn, pizza, pretzels, pickles, nachos, candy... you get the point. Pretty much everything tastes good with Legacy Lager. So go ahead, feel good about giving back to the community, and reward your taste buds with a tall one!  

Noch ein Bier, bitte. (Another beer, please.) 

Catch the Beer in Action!